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Breast Lift with Implants for Increased Cleavage and Sexier Breasts

Breast lift improves the position of low-hanging breasts but it does not significantly change their size. Some women go down a bra cup size after breast lift because the total surface area of the breasts shrinks when tightened and therefore fits into a smaller cup. If you wish your breasts were both perkier and fuller, breast lift with implants can help you achieve that kind of result.

Wanting perky, shapely breasts is a valid desire, and Dr. Onelio Garcia Jr. — one of Miami’s most trusted and accomplished breast surgeons — is committed to helping you attain that. He has helped thousands of women look and feel beautiful and confident with the combination breast lift-breast augmentation procedure.

Correct Sagging and Loss of Volume

Most women experience the downward decline of their breasts with age. Many are also disappointed to notice loss of volume and fullness, compounded by factors such as breastfeeding and weight fluctuation. Placing breast implants alone will not help the sagging; the result is larger breasts that sag.

Breast lift with implants not only repositions the breasts higher on the chest, but also increases the overall size of the breasts. The procedure improves fullness in the upper portion (pole) of the breast for more cleavage and a “push-up bra”-like effect. Oversized or downward-pointing nipples can be corrected if necessary.

While it is possible to perform breast lift and breast augmentation separately, there are advantages to combining the procedure. There is only one round of anesthesia and one surgical recovery (the recovery time for the combination procedure is no longer than the recovery for a single procedure). Also, by placing implants to fill out the breasts, less skin needs to be removed resulting in shorter scars.

How Is the Combination Operation Performed?

Combination breast lift with implants is performed on an outpatient basis at Dr. Garcia’s fully accredited surgery center in Miami. Our experienced, board certified anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia for patient comfort and safety.

Dr. Garcia begins the operation by making the surgical incisions on the breasts. He can use any of the following incision patterns:

  • Periareolar or “doughnut”-shaped around the outer edge of the areola (generally used for minor sagging)
  • Vertical or “lollipop”-shaped around the edge of the areola and straight down to the crease of the breast (used for minimal to moderate sagging)
  • Full, standard or “anchor”-shaped around the lower edge of the areola, down to the bottom of the breast and along the breast crease (used for moderate to severe sagging)

Through the incision, Dr. Garcia inserts the chosen breast implant of the appropriate size for the patient, then lifts the existing breast tissue to create the breast mounds higher on the chest wall. The excess skin is then removed. He can also adjust downward-pointing nipples and reduce oversized areolas. When he is happy with the improved size and position of the breasts, Dr. Garcia performs a plastic detailed closure of all the incisions and bandages the breasts.

The breasts may be sore, swollen and bruised for a few weeks following surgery. Dr. Garcia encourages patients to rest and avoid any strenuous movement, exercise or heavy lifting as the breasts heal. Patients usually take a week off from work to recover. A compression bra and pain medication can be used to control the swelling and any discomfort.

Do I Qualify for Breast Lift with Implants?

You may be a suitable candidate for breast lift with implants if you desire perkier breasts that are also larger.. To qualify for surgery, you should be in good health, not smoke and not plan to become pregnant or fluctuate in weight in the future.

Dr. Garcia invites you to schedule an informational consultation with him to discuss your breast surgery options. Call our practice at 305-448-8900 and request an appointment with the doctor.