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Curves in All the Right Places with Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL.

When it comes to beauty standards, Miami takes many of its cues from Brazil. The most obvious example of this is the emphasis placed on a curvy, voluptuous buttock

If you desire a more curvaceous backside, but were born with a shapeless butt (or your buttocks has started to sag with age), Dr. Onelio Garcia Jr. offers a unique procedure for you. The Brazilian butt lift is designed to enhance the shape of your buttocks for a more beautiful body.

The best part is: the Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat!

A Sexier Physique with Less Invasive Surgery

Brazilian butt lift is performed using the fat transfer technique. In  this procedure, Dr. Garcia harvests excess fat from an area of the patient’s body (e.g., the abdomen, thighs) by means of liposuction and then after processing it, re-injects it into the buttocks to add shape and volume. He also sculpts the area around the buttocks, including the lower back and waist, to emphasize the shape of the buttocks. The entire silhouette becomes more curvaceous and shapely, which usually gives the patient a more youthful-looking figure.

The fat transfer technique offers several advantages. Many patients have better peace of mind using their own fat instead of an artificial buttock implant (which can carry some risks). Also, buttocks enhanced with autologous fat look and feel very natural. And, the procedure is less invasive than traditional surgery, which can involve significantly more downtime and post-operative pain. Finally, the area from which the fat was taken looks slimmer and more sculpted. For someone struggling to tone their midsection or thighs, this is extremely valuable.

More about the Procedure

Our Brazilian Butt Lifts are typically performed on an outpatient basis at  Dr. Garcia’s accredited surgical center. Anesthesia is administered by our board certified anesthesiologis, so that patients can enjoy a comfortable and safe experience.

To begin the procedure, Dr. Garcia uses liposuction techniques to harvest excess fat from an area such as the lower back, waist, flanks, stomach or thighs. This fat is  processed and  then  injected into the buttocks. Dr. Garcia adds the fat to the buttocks  by means of multiple injections. He injects the fat in multiple layers for smooth, even-looking results. Dr. Garcia concentrates on the upper quadrant of the buttocks to give it a perky and lifted appearance.

After Brazilian Butt Lift, the patient must avoid sitting or lying directly on their buttocks for  several days as the area heals. Compression garments can help control any swelling. The patient must refrain from work, exercise and socializing while recovering. Gradually, they can return to work and the gym (upon Dr. Garcia’s advice).

After  recovering from the procedure, the buttocks looks fuller and rounder. This gives the body a more youthful contour, and helps clothing fit and flatter. Most of the fat develops its own blood supply and can survive  long term.

Am I a Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Garcia will determine whether you are a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift during a consultation at his practice. You may be a suitable candidate if you:

  • Are unhappy with the shape and size of your buttocks
  • Desire a more balanced body shape
  • Are in good general health
  • Do not smoke
  • Have excess fat deposits in your abdomen, hips or thighs

Some candidates have a naturally thin body type and don’t think they have enough fat to transfer. Dr. Garcia has experience working with patients like these, to great success.

Your Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation:

Dr. Garcia uses “state of the art” TouchMD technology during the consultation process. This unique tool allows the patient to review the consultation with Dr. Garcia while reviewing high-definition patient photos of the surgical areas being considered.  The smart screen allows for makings and comments to be placed on the photos for illustration purposes.  At the end of the consultation the patient receives their private password giving them access to their personal electronic Touch MD file.  This allows the patient to review their consultation from the privacy of their home computer.  Frequently educational videos  (from our library of over 200 procedural videos), are uploaded to the patient’s file to further educate the patient on the procedure that they are considering.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Garcia

To explore your candidacy for Brazilian Butt Lift and learn more about this body sculpting procedure, please contact the office of Dr. Onelio Garcia and set up a consultation with the doctor. Call us at 305-448-8900 today.