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Gynecomastia Surgery for a Flatter, Firmer Chest

Men that live with gynecomastia (i.e., enlarged, woman-like breasts) may experience a range of emotions about the appearance of their chest, including embarrassment, anxiety and even depression. No man deserves to feel ashamed of his body. Gynecomastia treatment with Dr. Onelio Garcia Jr. creates a firmer, flatter and more masculine chest for greater self-image and confidence.

If you have enlarged, woman-like breasts, you may dream of a more chiseled and defined chest. Gynecomastia treatment can help you achieve that look. A growing number of men are pursuing this surgery to tighten and tone the chest and create a more attractive and masculine contour. With a more masculine looking chest, you can feel confident revealing your bare chest at the beach or pool, and more comfortable participating in sports or exercising at the gym.

Surgical Details

Gynecomastia treatment is performed under anesthesia, on an outpatient basis at Dr. Garcia’s fully accredited surgical facility. The surgical technique that Dr. Garcia uses to restore a normal male breast contour depends on the quality and quantity of the excess tissue and skin. He can use VASER-liposuction, excision or a combination of both.

Dr. Garcia begins by making the surgical incisions, typically along the border of the areola (the darkly pigmented skin surrounding the nipple). For treatment of severe gynecomastia, Dr. Garcia might make additional incisions vertically down the front of the breast to the crease, where the breast meets the ribcage. Through the incisions, Dr. Garcia removes the fat and glandular tissue to flatten the chest contour. He removes excess skin and improves the position and size of the areola if needed.

If the enlarged breasts are primarily caused by excess fatty tissue, liposuction alone may produce the desired results. Liposuction can be performed through tiny incisions on the chest.

After surgery, a compression garment is placed around the chest, which may be sore, swollen and bruised. Dr. Garcia recommends full rest at home for the first few days of recovery, with limited movement and no strenuous exercise or lifting the arms above the shoulders. Gradually, work, exercise, socializing and other normal activities can be resumed (with Dr. Garcia’s approval).

The preliminary results of surgery are apparent as soon as the bandages come off. The appearance of the chest continues to improve over time as the swelling subsides. It typically takes up to three months for residual swelling to completely abate and the final results to stabilize.

Am I a Candidate for Gynecomastia Treatment?

Gynecomastia candidates are carefully screened to rule out any underlying medical condition(s) causing the excessive breast tissue and fat. Some diseases that are known to cause oversized breasts include hyperthyroidism, kidney failure and tumors (especially those affecting the testes, adrenal glands or pituitary glands).

You may be a candidate for gynecomastia treatment if you:

  • are unhappy with oversized breasts
  • have tried to reduce your breast size through diet and exercise, but have been unsuccessful
  • have good skin elasticity
  • are in good physical health
  • do not regularly use substances that could cause male breast growth (e.g., marijuana, steroids)

Your Gynecomastia Consultation:

Dr. Garcia uses “state of the art” TouchMD technology during the consultation process. This unique tool allows the patient to review the consultation with Dr. Garcia while reviewing high-definition patient photos of the surgical areas being considered. The smart screen allows for makings and comments to be placed on the photos for illustration purposes. At the end of the consultation the patient receives their private password giving them access to their personal electronic Touch MD file. This allows the patient to review their consultation from the privacy of their home computer. Frequently educational videos (from our library of over 200 procedural videos), are uploaded to the patient’s file to further educate the patient on the procedure that they are considering.

Contact Dr. Garcia

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